Our Services

Advertising & Marketing Consulting

It may seem like daunting task to set-up and deploy an online advertisement from the photos, the designs, choosing the proper audience, and ensuring you’re not paying too much.  We will ensure you are aware of all the great tools available to make the advertisement development process so much easier while ensuring you create a quality and organic design.  We will inform you of how to select the best keywords to target the right leads to create new customers. 

Document Services

We can convert documents you have into other formats, take physical medias and convert them into digital or other type of physical medias.  Other great document services such as PDF search ability and quality upscaling. 

I.T. Security Services

Most users use the internet day to day not knowing many of the threats that lay on the internet.  We can work with you to develop a map of your usage and devices connected and work to teach you how to secure yourself and your devices so you can have peace of mind that you will be safe.  In addition, we can offer complete all-inclusive plans for business and provide audits, penetration testing, reoccurring reports and so much more.

Remote Helpdesk

Just about every business uses computer system or interacts with one to function.  This includes various users from executives to directors and managers all the way too accountants, cleaners and so much more.  Without having to hire an on-site employee you are able to take advantage of our remote helpdesk package.  We will initially work with you to identify all employees and their device and technology use and access, develop a support contract that includes various services and documentation specific to each client.  The client then can decide if they want to move forward after an agreed upon recurring price and this would now allow their users to contact our support team in respect to the support contract.  Also do not let the name remote helpdesk deter you, we are glad to accommodate on-site services also.

Technical Support Services

Problems arise each and every day that we cannot seem to avoid and our support staff is here to make that less painful.  Let us know any time of the day or night what problem you are facing and we will work until it is no longer a problem.  In addition to that we will also work to identify any other problems that you may have and mitigate further issues that could happen from our different audits we perform for various different service request types.

Website Design and Development Services

Website design and development is such a large subject as users are now able to take advantage of great do-it-yourself builders that are available online.  However, some users simply don't want the hassle of not having a form of more direct support communication for functionality requests they may have.  Well this is Dexterity Designs specialty area and our bread and butter, we are dedicated to working with you from start to finish to pick out the perfect name for your website no matter the domain extension.  Design and deploy a website specific and unique to you working with you directly each step of the way to ensure its built in the way you want it.  However, if you want to have control of the website, we also offer plans that allow you to be in more control of the website and design.  Please contact us today to see how we can get you a website up and running as soon as possible.